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2016 Top 4 Advanced Photo Editors Apps Comparison and Reviews

W e selected 4 best comprehensive Advanced Photo Editors software cost from free to $79.99 Each product is the most popular one at that price level.

And our editors take these 4 Advanced Photo Editors for a testing and comparison in the most commonly used aspects, so you can see what the differences between them easily.

This kind of photo editing software has a higher learning curve, if you need a simple photo editor, please browse Basic Photo Editors

More Best Advanced Photo Editors, please browse Advanced Photo Editors category for more Info.
Gimp Adobe Photoshop CC Corel PaintShop Pro Serif PhotoPlus
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GIMP is a well-known professional photo editing freeware, known as the “PhotoShop” under Linux, and loved by many graphics enthusiasts when Linux system launched. It has 3 separate windows, and supports multi-platforms, like Unix / linux, Windows and Mac. It's very lightweight, but its features are not weaker than professional graphics software. It provides a variety of image tools, filters, as well as many components, which meets almost all the image editing requirements.
Adobe Photoshop CC
Photoshop is developed by a well-known manufacturer Adobe. It is the most comprehensive and professional raster graphics editor. Many graphic artists and photographers use it to make art and post processing. The latest version supports 3D images, video and animation editing, and provides unique features for web designer, UI designer and UX designer, such as Sketchpad Artboard and Design Space, which can help designers streamline the design process. But Photoshop has a higher learning curve, and the users need to take a long term to learn how to use it proficiently.
Corel PaintShop Pro
Corel PaintShop Pro is a fully functional digital photo editing software at professional level. It’s easy to use and comparable with PhotoShop. Compared to PhotoShop, Corel PaintShop Pro includes three main workspaces: Manage, Adjust, and Edit. Although this program provides sophisticated image editing tools, but it is very easy to use, for it offers many instant one-click effects, which make image editing more fast and efficient. Its built-in learning center helps beginners learn how to use the tools and commands step by step. Corel PaintShop Pro's ease of use is the best in the similar products, and it is more suitable for beginners than Photoshop.
Serif PhotoPlus
Serif PhotoPlus is designed for photo editing. It is powerful, rich in creativity and easy to use. Many features of this program are similar with Photoshop, but much easier of use than Photoshop. Serif PhotoPlus provides the learning center as Corel PaintShop Pro does, and the tutorials of each tools and commands, that lower the learning curve of the software. Serif PhotoPlus also provides the automatic edit options, that users correct the lighting or color only by one click. It contains a professional-grade digital image printing, PDF file output, and many other features, which let the new user, experts photographers and graphic designer to make creations.


This kind of software are very comprehensive in photo editing, and can do any effects you want, so we recommend you according to the difficulty of use that you can hold when you choose.

Gimp is a free open source and multi-platforms software. Its interface, features and operations are much similar with Photoshop, that is to say, The effects of Photoshop making that Gimp can also make. If you don’t want to send money on a photo editing software, Gimp is your best choice. But if you want to get more support from the third-party plug-ins, extensions, and more network tutorials, we recommend you use Photoshop or PaintShop.

Photoshop is the most expensive photo editing software, and it is also the most professional and most versatile graphic design software, which has a high reputation in the fields of design. It has powerful Adobe's technical support, so you can always get Adobe's technical update support and third-party plug-ins, extensions and e-learning tutorials. Compared to other similar products, Photoshop has greater advantages in the performance and speed of photos editing. But Photoshop has a higher learning curve than other similar products, so it is more difficult for beginners.

The Corel PaintShop Pro and Serif PhotoPlus offers Easy built-in learning to help first-time users quickly become familiar how to use the program. In the aspect of photo processing, Corel PaintShop Pro provides many automatic adjust options, that are fast, efficient, and easy to use, so that Corel PaintShop Pro become the best choice for new users. And the features and interface of Serif PhotoPlus are similar with Photoshop, but at a much affordable price.

In the consideration of the price and ease of use, we finally recommend Corel PaintShop Pro.