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2016 Top 5 Computer Keylogger & Monitoring Software Comparison and Reviews

We've selected the best 5 Computer Keylogger & Monitoring software, and made a comparison of the features and reviews, hoping this will help you choose a satisfied product.

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REFOG Free Keylogger REFOG Personal Monitor SniperSpy SpyAgent mSpy for computers
$ 79 . 96 /3 PC, Lifetime
$ 40 . 17 /1 PC, 6 Month
$ 48 . 96 /1 PC, Lifetime
$ 39 . 89 /5 devices, 1 year
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REFOG Free Keylogger
In fact, it is more like a trial version of REFOG Personal Monitor, for a number of important features are omitted, the only Pros is 100% free.
REFOG Personal Monitor
Refog is a series of products, according to the features from less to more, they are sort from REFOG Free Keylogger -> REFOG Keylogger -> REFOG Personal Monitor -> REFOG Employee Monitor, it is a very popular Employee Monitor product, so compared to REFOG Employee Monitor, REFOG Personal Monitor has less features, but performs a high level. Detailed specific comparison between this series of products, please see: Comparison of REFOG products
SniperSpy is developed by an old brand company. Both performance and stability are very reliable, but because of its popular and reliable quality, the price is the most expensive in these five best products we've selected.
SpyAgent is set a cheap price, but its features are very completed, so it’s very high cost-effective. In addition, the company has also developed a series and a total of six products. Detailed and specific differences between these products, please see, then to the page with the discount purchase full line of discount (15% - 30% Off).
mSpy for computers
mSpy for computers' biggest Pro is that it supports a variety of devices. Whether the installation or operation is very easy for the common users, it is very suitable for IT rookie.


The differences of Computer Keylogger & Monitoring Software are not much in price and features. The only difference is remote control and block & filter features. So when you select a such software, please according to your needs.

If you're no need for the remote control feature, REFOG Personal Monitor would be the best choice.

If you're pursuit of a full-featured product, SpyAgent has the completed features of monitoring and control, and its price is cost effective.

If you just know little about IT knowledge, we recommend mSpy, for it is the most easy to use and suitable for a IT rookie. Moverover, mSpy also provides a mobile monitoring feature - mSpy for phone, so that you can monitor PC and mobile device at the same time.