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2016 Top 6 Employee Monitoring Software Comparison and Reviews

Employee Monitoring software is mainly used to monitor employees' computer, in order to improve the company's productivity, protect company secrets. We selected the best 6 employee monitoring software, and made a comparison of the features, hoping this will help you choose a satisfied product.

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ActivTrak StaffCop Work Examiner Activity Monitor REFOG Employee Monitor Spytech NetVizor
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Overall Remote control features are greatly limited the employee range of activities, so be careful when choosing, for we found such as REFOG Employee Monitor software simply does not provide these features, not because the technology can not be achieved, the more is to consider whether the employee accept or not.
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ActivTrak is the only free product, and there are a lot of limitations, such as the free version only allows you to monitor three computers, only provides 3G data storage, and its features only meet basic monitoring functions requirements, so ActivTrak is suitable for home users, but for the company, it is not meaningful.
This product is at a lower price, and its features are relatively completed. Overall, it is very good for small business users. One point we need pay attention is when setting up monitoring multiple computers, it requires some specialized computer knowledge.
Work Examiner
Work Examiner has many pros, such as it can monitor files movements, even if files are saved to a thumb drive. And it can block certain content (block website, keywords and your customized categories). The only cons is that the process of installation and feature setup will cost a lot of time.
Activity Monitor
Activity Monitor makes employees management easier, it allows to real-time remote monitor computer's screen, all keystrokes, visited sites and used the programs. You can check a series of running programs, and terminate any process. Activity Monitor will also record all user’s actions in a record file and generate the database. This database can be exported to HTML, or exported to MS Excel. From this report, you can see users spent how much time on what programs, how much time they spent on browsing the web, what sites they visited, and their e-mail or chat content.
REFOG Employee Monitor
Refog employee monitor is an easy to use employee monitoring software that provides 12 kinds of interface languages, and provides very great tools to monitor the employee’s work activities. This product is designed to create reliable and feature rich solutions for employee monitoring which would help users to secure their commercial secrets and intellectual property without oppressing employees, enforce policies by monitoring, not filtering and prohibiting.
Spytech NetVizor
Spytech NetVizor is designed for large enterprise, which has a center computer system. It is fully able to meet the employees' monitoring requirements to improve employee’s productivity. It can record all keystrokes, emails sent / received, websites visited, windows viewed, applications ran, etc. And it also allows you to remotely control all the computers within the monitoring range. Its real-time Remote Desktop Viewing is a great feature , that allows you to directly see the controlled computer's current desktop, so that you'll know all the employee’s activities.


When we select a Employee Monitor product, not focused on how many features the product has, or how much of the price, the more important are:
1. Stability of the product: more computers are installed, higher program stability will be required. Due to different numbers of monitoring computers and network environment, there is not the most stable product, so you need to try several products to find the most proper one for your own case.
2. Acceptance of employees: No one is not willing to be monitored, so too much features sometimes would bring negative effects. And Refog Employee Monitor does not provide any Remote Controls features, but it is one of the best-seller.

Note: We recommend you inform employees and sign an agreement before using this kind of software to monitor your employees, for this will maximize avoid legal risks.