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  • "Using cloud technology to protect against malware threats; "
  • "Excellent Performance as commercial antivirus products in malware and spyware finding, blocking, and removing."
  • "Support social network protection"
  • "Automatic updates infrequently"
  • "Good UI designed"
  • "Provide Full-scale tech supports, including Email, Phone, Remote support"
  • "Upon upgrades, some options you set before will be automatically set back, and users need to reset them again"

Customer Reviews

Comments (14)
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  • AVG has become my must-have software, it really does a good job. With its protection, my laptop runs much faster.
  • Pros:
    [1] speedy - faster [seemingly way faster] than it used to be
    [2] better background scanning performance
    [3] found a virus on my system that previous version did not - nice!
    [1] Chrome support would be nice
    [2] where is online scanner? want to upload files while surfing web
    Summary: Overall a very good effort from AVG. Really seems to be an improvement over 9.0. Highly recommended.
  • Finally... An AVG Product I would use.
    AVG Now includes the following new features:
    -Behavior Based Protection
    -Better Configuration
    -Improved Background Scanning Performance
    -Cloud Technologies (Community Protection)
    -Better Malware Protection.
    Cons: -Glitch in top right corner of user interface.
    -Non-flexible Heuristics Engine.
    -shuts down its resident shield service. (Required a Re-install.)
    -No download Analysis
    -No Unwanted Termination Protection. (I could shut it down.)
    Summary: This is a good Anti-Virus product... and if it fixed the cons I mentioned below it would be great. Process protection would be handy in the event of a scareware infection... or infection by a malicious rootkit or worm. What good is Antivirus protection if it can't execute and can be blocked by trojans? While it did detect some things that more well known Vendors like Avira and Avast did not... it flunked in maintaining that detection. It also presents a lack of download analysis... which is vital period if you're going to use the internet. What I do like about the product is the fact that it now runs much quieter in the background after it's been configured properly.
  • I used Norton and McAffee before, but they can’t get any close to AVG. Even some IT professionals recommended AVG to me. It has been 3 years since I used it. It has always been great.
  • Works Well!
    Pros: New version works in the background without intrusive messages.
    Cons: Could be faster when doing complete scan.
    Pro version is well worth the money. Free version is also good but, does not have all the features of the pro edition. Have absolutely no problems with this software and not aware of any inherant faults.
  • An impressive product, and the cloud protection has presumably increased its detection and blocking power.
    Link and email scanners show active signs but shows e mails checked 0 and link scanner is not visible in the browser.
    In a word, it is an impressive product except the above cons.
  • I used Symantec in the past, but it slowed down my computer. Then I downloaded AVG, I thought it could work better than Symantec. However, my computer runs even more slowly. What’s worse, it always pops up ads for other AVG products. Annoying.
  • It's the best defence for my computer. keeps you up to date with regular updates for all virus's loads of useful tools, and it has loads of useful tools, such as antispam/spyware has a brilliant firewall , has even Identity protection which has proved most valuable, tools to many to mention but this product has to be the BEST for me and my system thanks AVG !!
  • I bought and installed AVG on my wife’s new laptop. I have used AVG for a long time and it is always my go-to software.
  • AVG is an excellent antivirus program. It is handy and has awesome detection rate. It never slows down my computer. What’s more, it takes few resources to work. I once used Avira, but I think AVG is much better. It is worth recommending.
  • I’m a longtime user of AVG products. I have never met any problem. It doesn’t influence other programs’ performance. Since I started using AVG products, I have never been bothered by virus problems.
  • AVG always works well on my computer. I don’t need to buy other internet security software any more. Up until now, it works very great. It is easy to install. The discount is good and it is quickly delivered. I feel very happy with it.
  • I used to have unhappy experience with Kapersky and McAffee. So I tried AVG as an alternative. It is working very well.
  • I have used many other anti-virus products, for example, the trial version of Nod32 2014, Norton 2014, Kaspersky 2014, BitDefender 2014, and more. But AVG 2014 is much better. The trial version of AVG works better than Avast, not to mention MS Security Essentials and Windows Defender, they are even worse. AVG doesn’t slow down my computer when it’s running. The user interface is clean and clear. It can effectively find out malwares.

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