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Degoo Cloud Storage

  • Degoo Cloud Storage
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Giant storage volume to manage and save your files and data on the AI-Powered cloud.

Everyone in the world generates files every day, especially for precious memory and valuable data. People have to store them to keep them safe. Here I recommend Degoo Cloud Storage. It is an AI-Powered cloud storage platform with a mega storage volume. It is capable of rediscovering your best memories and sharing them with unlimited file size and zero quality damages. Also, the most important reason that I recommend you to use Degoo Cloud Storage is that it offers the best price —— much cheaper than Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Let's take a closer look at Degoo Cloud Storage:

The Power of Degoo Cloud Storage:
1. Security: Military-grade encryption technology to encrypt all your files.

2. Reliable cloud storage: Degoo Cloud Storage stores three copies of each file to ensure that you can find it when you need it. So you only need to put the file in our super secure cloud disk, and you can read it at any time.

3. Automation: Degoo Cloud Storage will detect if you have taken a new photo or added some files and ensure that your backup is always up to date. So never worry about backup anymore!

4. Always online: You can use Degoo to download files from your cloud disk to any computer across the whole world.

5. Easy sharing: Share your files easily with friends via email or link without a Degoo account.

6. Mobile phone optimization: Degoo Cloud Storage offers a mobile-phone storage space optimization tool. Plush millions of built-in WiFi assets.

7. Free to use: Unlimited number of backup devices.

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  • As of May 2023 Degoo are STILL carrying out the same shady business practices as before. They hide behind a 'bot' who claims you have been uploading and sharing content that you do not own. I first encountered this 'bot' in 2021 when it accused me of this so I uploaded proof which Degoo accepted. However in 2023 I received a message from Degoo claiming the exact same thing with the same content. I replied to explain this to them and this time they claimed my 'appeal' was rejected.

    I replied again with additional evidence and explained to them what will happen if they delete my account. They said "Unfortunately, uploading copyrighted materials, even legally purchased ones, is not allowed". This information is going to be used against them because if it is legal to have the files on your computer it is also legal to have a backup of those files. It also does not infringe their own terms and conditions. They may claim it infringes 7.4 but in fact it doesn't since no laws are being broken. Of course if you're sharing copyrighted content it would be a different story.

    I will not stand for companies trying to accuse their customers of breach of contract as a way to get out of providing lifetime services.

    Here's the longer story..

    I paid a one-off fee for a lifetime 10TB Degoo Ultimate subscription and that is exactly what I'm going to get from them unless they want to see the consequences of their actions.

    Ironically they do provide the service they claim to provide in that you can upload your content to their site for backup purposes. What you need to watch out for is their company trying to renege on the service you paid for under false pretences. Be sure to do your research and hold their owners to account.

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