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All-in-one diagram designer, the visio alternative, help you create professional flowcharts, organizational charts, presentations and mind maps.

Whether you are working or studying, you will often draw visual graphs or charts, such as flowcharts, organizational charts, and mind maps. When faced with such problems, many people think of using the shape function in Word to draw the chart.

Obviously, the efficiency of drawing with Word is extremely low, and it is also very ugly. At this time, you may wish to try Edraw Max, which is a more professional graphic chart design software to save your work efficiency and make the chart very beautiful!

1. No need to get networking, you can use it offline at any time after installation.
2. You can automatically generate charts with one-click import data.
3. It supports convenient functions such as cloud storage, cloud sharing, cloud collaboration, and real-time printing.
4. The software is easy to get started, the graphics can be dragged and dropped, automatically aligned, and automatically snapped close to the connection point.
5. It is similar to the Office interface, getting started quickly, adding, deleting, and modifying are all visual operations.
6. Many symbols have intelligent behavior that greatly simplifies the user's work. For example, the user can add categories, set the maximum value, the number of series, and values, etc. in one click by using the floating button on the column chart.
7. It supports exporting a variety of image and document formats, such as png, jpg, pdf, word, ppt, svg, html, etc.

Edraw Max is a full-scale graphic chart design drawing software. Since its release in 2004, the software has been iteratively updated with countless versions, and has been fully functional and designed. It brings together more than 260 types of graphics drawing functions such as flowcharts, mind maps, infographics, floor plans, UML model diagrams, and network diagrams.

Compared with Visio
Many users will compare Visio with this product. Their interfaces are very similar. Although it is the same type of drawing software, after comparison, you may find that Edraw Max is better than Visio:
  1. Rich Drawing Types and Templates: In theory, Visio has many FREE templates, but too many choices are always difficult to choose, and Edraw Max is very simple, with more than 260 built-in (260+ diagram types), such as graphic design, scientific drawing, mind mapping, and other mainstream design drawings can be used directly, and you’ll get start very easily and fast.
  2. Rich Symbolic Materials: Unlike Visio's pure business style, Edraw Max has tens of thousands of vector clip art covering a wide range of symbols and types.
  3. Cheaper Price: Compared to Visio Pro's price, nearly $500, Edraw Max's discounted price is only 1/5 of its price, which is very suitable for common users to buy.

In general, Visio has a nearly comprehensive chart drawing function. For large companies or professional people, Visio can meet all needs, but for beginners or occasional drawing individuals or small and medium-sized companies, Edraw is very easy to get a start. Its rich materials can also let you complete the chart drawing efficiently. The most important thing is that it’s cheap enough to afford, so I recommend that if you are an entry-level user or a small and medium-sized company, you can try Edraw Max first. Once you've successfully completed the task, you don't have to pay an expensive price to buy Visio.

The last thing to say is that it supports Windows / Mac / Linux systems across platforms, so that it will meet almost all users’ requirements of the mapping...

Customer Reviews

Comments (32)
+ Add your review
  • The software is really easy to use, and the design is more fashionable. Interface style and fluency are good
  • This is a professional software. Edraw Bundle is a bundle of 3 software. If you buy the bundle, the price is OK.
  • Its free mind map MindMaster is still very cool, and I personally think it’s better than XMind
  • I’m still using it, four years in college, this software has made all my drawing icons.
  • Meet all basic requirements.
  • Very good software, compared to Microsoft's visio, it’s more cost-effective. At the very least I’m not an art designer and I don’t have to spend a lot of time to consider how to beautify the image.
  • Although EDraw Max is not well known for other image processing software, but I find it easy to use. I will always support it.
  • Feeling that OmniGraffle was also like it, I was blown away. I really feel it’s not as good as Edraw.
  • Edraw max Lifetime: buy it once and it’s good for a lifetime.
  • In my daily work, I don’t need to deal with charts often. Visio is a waste of money for me. Edraw Max works very well and has enough features for me. What’s more, it’s not expensive. I like it.
  • I can use Edraw MAX to make professional flow charts, diagrams, various kinds of architectural drawings, etc. It is a really helpful presentation tool.

    It provides many preset templates and 4,600+ symbols. Compared with Visio or DIA, the user interface of Edraw MAX is more user friendly. You can customize the shapes as you want. What’s more, it is compatible with MS Office software.
  • I just bought Edraw Max and can’t wait trying it. It is really good with so many beautiful diagrams and templates. It’s very handy.
    I recommend it. It’s worth buying.
  • Edraw Max is a useful and excellent drawing tool. It helps me create flowcharts, network diagrams, and organizational charts in a very easy and quick way.
  • I’ve used EDraw Max for a long time with no problems. You can use it without worry.
  • This is the first private software I have bought. Although I’ve really used only a little, I really like it. It’s very easy to use. I feel it includes a lot of commonly used charts, such as a flowchart, mindmap, prophase diagram software development, structure diagram: everything you need. I hope they keep developing it. I just saw that someone online friends said they might stop development. If so, that would be a great loss!
  • Edraw max is very useful, you deserve to have it.
  • I find Edraw does well, better than omnigraffle.
  • Very good, hope that Edraw gets better and better.
  • Edraw Max is very handy. It has large number of templates and clipart for you to choose. However, it’s a little expensive for me. Though the features of Edraw Max are similar to PowerPoint, I still haven’t mastered them all.
  • I’m an engineer. I need to draw a lot of diagrams. Edraw Max is very helpful for me. It makes my work much more convenient. How great if I knew it earlier!
  • Easy to use, and efficient
  • I wish I found it sooner! It’s 100 times better than visio.
  • I’ve used EDrawMax for many years, and really feel it’s great for animation. I hope it can stay strong.
  • It’s great after trying it a while. Unfortunately, I bought Xmind first. If I had would have bought it. It’s easier to use than Xmind.
  • Not bad, it feels a bit simple, can’t replace VISIO
  • This software is very cost-effective, it’s worth recommending.
  • Before I was looking for other software similar to EDrawMax, but only this one stands out.
  • Although EDraw Max is not well-known for other image processing software, but it is very easy to use. I will always support it.
  • It’s better than EDraw Max on a previous version
  • I have been an EDraw customer for years. EDraw is quite powerful, easy to use and beautiful. Do not lose to visio. I’ll buy it again!
  • With Edraw Max, I can draw beautiful pictures. The pictures I created with Edraw have clean lines. It is really good and not expensive.
  • I feel it’s pretty good, much better than the previous version.

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