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84% OFF Kaspersky Standard Coupon Apr 2024 (100% Working)

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A popular antivirus that often provides promotional campaign, so get it when it’s at a discount price.

Kaspersky Standard is the top-rated software that provides real-time protection for Windows PC against common and complex online threats. For threats like ransomware, malware, spy apps, hackers, etc. Kaspersky anti-virus can get them all blocked with multiple scan modes.

Kaspersky Standard doesn’t take many memories and doesn’t slow down the computer speed during running. Also, it still protects your device when it’s updating. It’s easy to install and get started with.

Kaspersky Standard Features
1. Real-time antiviruses.
2. Anti-phishing.
3. Performance booster.
  • "Simple installation and easy to use"
  • "Performance good on malware removing"
  • "Performance good on new threats identify"
  • "Provide Top anti-phishing protection"
  • "Good UI and Interface designed"
  • "Good for non-tech users"
  • "Performance not good in old PC"
  • "A little bit slow for some system during boot, scans & updates sometimes"

Customer Reviews

Comments (20)
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  • I have used it for years, and I believe I will keep using it for a long time.
    If you need anti-virus protection, it is really a good choice. It is suitable for nearly everyone.
  • I’m an old user of Kaspersky antivirus, though it is not as famous as other large brands, it is quite good. Compared with Norton, it saves more resources. Norton slows down my computer. It makes me upload many tools, some of them are actually useless. I think I will keep using Kaspersky in the future. Good job!
  • I want to give a high score to Kaspersky antivirus. It did a good job in removing threats from my computer. It makes my computer run very fast and smoothly, just like a new one. I also checked other users’ reviews, it gains good reputations. Like most of the people said, it doesn’t slow down the machine.
  • I have tried many kinds of anti-virus programs, to be honest, Kaspersky is the best one. Before buying the product, you can first download the trial version, it can be used for 30 days for free. After this, when I bought the full version, I got the 1-year activation key at a lower price, lower than the way I directly buy it from Kaspersky website and the activation key can be used for 3 computers. It is better to download the product from the website than buying the CD, CD version may not be as new as the download version, so if I install through CD, I need to upgrade it to newest version then. The whole process takes longer time, what’s worse, more operations during the whole process may increase the chance of making mistakes. Maybe this is the main reason why some users have the problem of slowdown but I don’t. I only met this kind of problem with Symantec Norton.
  • Compared with Norton and Vipre, Kaspersky is much cheaper. I also like to use AVG, but my friend recommends Kaspersky. I have to do more downloads when using Kaspersky. Its updating doesn’t influence the software protecting the machine, it doesn’t take many memories during running and it doesn’t slow down the computer speed, while other anti-virus programs slow down my computer a lot. Once it protected me from a virus that might crash down my computer.
    The product is handy, I like it. It’s worth my every penny.
  • I have used both Norton and AVG before, but they both slowed down my machine during running, not so effective.

    Kaspersky is much better. It doesn’t slow down my computer. It is easy to operate and it works fast. The installation is easy, too.

    It updates the databases automatically and very frequently. It can provide new methods to protect computer from new viruses.

    It is the best one among the antivirus programs I have used. Highly recommend!
  • The discount is valid. It saved me much money. Great!
  • Kaspersky is one of my favorite products. Like other reviewers say, it runs in the background and doesn’t slow down the computer, which is better than other security programs.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus is very great. Other similar products like Norton, Macaffe takes too many system resources. The database downloading and scanning process take too long time. Kaspersky does background running, doesn’t take many resources and doesn’t slow down the running speed of computer. Well done!
  • Kaspersky antivirus is handy, it can not only find out malwares but also virus. I can make a CD backup in case the computer crashes down. I can use it for 3 computers. This is very great!
  • I use built-in Microsoft Security to protect my computer, but the only problem is, there is no good antivirus software. Kaspersky antivirus is handy and easy to install. It is not expensive and also a famous-brand product. It is a good choice.
  • I know there are many choices of anti-virus software on the market. I also have used many others. Kaspersky really does good work. It does background running, it protects me from various threats, fortunately, it doesn’t slow down my computer at all. It takes few resources. I even don’t know its existence until it detects an infection out. It is compatible with my Windows 8, and it can be used on 3 machines, and I use it on my laptop, desktop and my wife’s laptop. It is a good product worth buying.
  • A few years ago when I wanted to use Norton, it screwed up my order. Though I have paid for it, I couldn’t install it on my PC, so my PC was under no protection for more than a week. After talking with many representatives, they still couldn’t find out the problem. I got my money back, then I bought Kaspersky. It is not only easy to install but also cheaper. I used it on two computers. Up until now, it has worked very well for me. I will keep using it until I find better choice.
  • Kaspersky anti-virus is a good program. I used Norton 360 before, but it slowed down my computer (with Windows Vista OS). When I’m using Win 7 computers, Norton worked quite well. Norton 360 used to be my favorite, but now I think Kaspersky is more suitable for Vista.
  • The delivery is fast. The installation is very easy. It works for me very well. It is a product worth my investment
  • I used Trend Micro a few years ago. It did a bad job for me. It brought me many problems. I couldn’t get good protection with it. I tried to get help from the tech support, however, they did nothing but trying to introduce their “system clean-up” service. This is an additional service. If the product can protect my computer well, I really don’t need it. Then I bought Kaspersky, though it is a little more expensive than Trend Micro, it is really more helpful. Now I have used Kaspersky for 3 years. Once I enter a dangerous cyber territory, it will warn me. This is a really good product.
  • Kaspersky is one of the best security software. But I think it is necessary to try other software together, I can’t depend on only one program to protect me from all the malwares. I have used Kaspersky for some time, it is suitable for those who like clicks. People have to deal with malware issues only when they fail to update their Kaspersky license. As long as you keep it updated and keep the license active, this product will protect you very well. I think it is one of the top 3 anti-malware products in the current market.
  • Awesome deal. Thanks for the offer.
  • I like to play games, so I need an anti-virus program to protect me. I prefer Kaspersky, I don’t like Norton, because it takes much more resources. It does background running, it can do automatic updates, it never brings me useless messages. It is a good product worth recommending.
  • When I search for an antivirus product, I want it focuses on the antivirus function. Most of the users don’t really need other functions. Though they may have requirements on cloud storage, firewall protection, form autofilling or other features, they may prefer using different kinds of products for each purpose. I am one of them. So I want my antivirus program just does the antivirus job. I have used Kaspersky in the past, I’m happy to use it again. It runs in the background, and only takes a few system resources. It updates itself automatically, and it doesn’t bother me with useless notifications. Kaspersky is exactly what I want. It is worth recommending.

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