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  • 🔥Standard Edition - 1 Year (Official) - 1 Mac
  • $84.99 $99.99
  • $15.00
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  • Pro Edition - 1 Year (Official) - 1 Mac
  • $101.99 $119.99
  • $18.00
  • Pro Edition - 1 Year (Amazon) - 1 Mac
  • $119.99
  • -
  • 15% Off
  • Business Edition - 1 Year (Official) - 1 Mac
  • $127.49 $149.99
  • $22.50
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  • Parallels Desktop for Government Employees - Standard (1 Year)
  • $74.99 $99.99
  • $25.00
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  • Parallels Desktop for Government Employees - Pro (1 Year)
  • $89.99 $119.99
  • $30.00
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  • Parallels Desktop for Military - Standard (1 Year)
  • $74.99 $99.99
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  • Parallels Desktop for Military - Pro (1 Year)
  • $89.99 $119.99
  • $30.00
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  • 🎓 Student and Educator Edition - 1 Year (Official) - 1 Mac
  • $49.99 $99.99
  • $50.00
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  • Upgrade
  • $52.49 $69.99
  • $17.50
Expired Offers
  • 15% Off
  • Standard Edition - 1 Year (Official) - 1 Mac [EXPIRED]
  • $84.99 $99.99
  • $15.00
  • 15% Off
  • Standard Edition - 1 Year (Official) - 1 Mac [EXPIRED]
  • $84.99 $99.99
  • $15.00
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  • Standard Edition - 1 Year (Official) - 1 Mac [EXPIRED]
  • $94.99 $99.99
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  • Standard Edition - 1 Year (Official) - 1 Mac [EXPIRED]
  • $74.99 $99.99
  • $25.00
  • 25% Off
  • Standard Edition - 1 Year (Official) - 1 Mac [EXPIRED]
  • $74.99 $99.99
  • $25.00
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Parallels License Info
As a Parallels Desktop for Mac license can only be used for activation on a single Mac machine at a time, you need to purchase the corresponding number of licenses to use Parallels Desktop for Mac on several Mac machines. However, if you want to move Parallels Desktop from one computer to another, you do not need to buy a new key. Instead, simply uninstall the software from the Mac it is currently installed on before installing on a new one.
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The most powerful Virtual machine program. (Supports Win11/Mac OS Mojave)

The latest version of Parallels Desktop perfectly supports the new Mac OS Mojave, and especially optimized for the Windows 11. You can directly run Win11 UWP programs, games, office software, IE browser, VisualStudio and AutoCAD under Mac system. The new version supports USB-c/3.0, and improves the performance: reducing the disk space occupation. So it’s absolutely a useful and essential tool for Mac users.

Parallels Desktop is a powerful virtual machine tool on macOS. The software carries a variety of common and useful tools so that you can complete daily tasks well on MAC and Windows.

Easy installation
Choose Windows, Ubuntu, and any operating system you want to install, and Parallels Desktop will prepare for you in a few minutes. Of course, you can also choose to install the operating system iOS file you downloaded.

Seamless integration
You can run both macOS and Windows applications without restarting your computer. You can also launch and access Windows applications directly from the dock and easily drag and drop, copy and paste between them.

As fast as lightning
The powerful performance of Parallels Desktop allows you to run graphical and resource-intensive Windows applications effortlessly without slowing down your Mac.

Touch bar support for Windows Applications
Parallels Desktop enables you to add common programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint to the touch bar so that you can access these applications quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced for Retina Screen
Now, Parallels Desktop can also display Windows desktop in retina resolution in zoom mode.
  • "An excellent option if you need Windows for work on a Mac, easy to set up, the speed and ease of use shines, can easily switch or share files and folders, sync clipboard between different operating systems, can automatically pause the VM when you aren’t using it, giving macOS more resources when possible"
  • "Offers lots of flexibility, a bunch of VM management tools, allows access to shared printers, can customize to make it your own, support all sorts of operating systems not only Windows"
  • "Coherence mode can hide the windows virtual machine and only access Windows apps "
  • "Much faster than previous versions and also faster than rivals "
  • "Full support for the latest Mac, run ARM-based Windows on an M1 Mac"
  • "Many games are playable when your mac has more than 8GB, can run graphic-intensive games such as fallout4, age of empires, fifa19, etc."
  • "Compatible with Boot Camp"
  • "Macbook get hot sometimes when running Parallels"
  • "Battery last shorter than normal but comes with energy saver tools, use a lot of RAM (that's common to VM though)"

Customer Reviews

Comments (21)
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  • I personally think Parallels performs better, has more useful features. In short, Parallels Desktop under Mac OS will make your Mac incredibly powerful.
  • I’m always a PC lover. However, I turn to Mac recently. There are many programs that can only be used on PC. It seems I can either keep using PC or use Bootcamp. But Bootcamp can’t work seamlessly. Then I get to know about Parallels. I downloaded it to have a try. It is very easy to use. I can easily run my old applications on Mac. Parallels doesn’t cost me too much. It is really a cheap and effective software for anyone who wants to turn to Mac but keeps PC programs.
  • I used to run Parallels 4 on my late '08 MB Pro with 4GB RAM. It ran very slowly, this is really annoying. Then I run build 6 version on the same machine with 8GB RAM, this brings a big difference. When I run Windows system with this tool, it seems I’m running a computer with native Windows system. I don’t use Windows very often. But every time I use Parallels, it loads very fast, I don’t need to wait long. Parallels is a good product, worth trying. Now I only need to wait for regular MS Windows updates.
  • If you are currently using Mac computer, but want to use other system programs, especially the windows programs, the virtual system will be good choice, better than installing the dual system.
  • Parallel is well designed. Very easy to use and work very well. Like it!
  • Parallels Desktop 9 is a good partner for you MAC/PC. You can run more than 1 OS simultaneously with it. Before you decide to switch to another system, try Parallels first. You can see whether it works.
  • Before Parallels, I used VMware, a similar product. Parallel is very handy, it is quite suitable for os x Mavericks. I use it on my office computer, it is very helpful.

    The only thing you need to consider is to have enough ram, so that everything can go smoothly. My current computer is MAC book pro 2010 with 12 megs of ram and intel core 2 duo.
  • When I first heard that Parallels can enable me to run Windows applications on mac, I was quite doubtful. I’m working in a new medical practice recently. I just bought a mac for my office. Unfortunately, I found the new version management software can only work with Windows based server. This is really annoying. Then others recommended Parallels to me. I tried it on my mac, it really worked very well and I no longer have to replace the computer. I appreciate this wonderful software.
  • In my daily work, I’m always trying to create audio and videos. Meanwhile, I also need to do lots of professional IT stuff. So I need two operating systems running at the same time. Parallels just helps me a lot for what I need.
  • I started using Parallels on my mac more than 4 years ago. With its help, I can run enterprise software with win7 and keep using mac on my laptop in other cases.
  • Ggreat
  • Parallels Desktop is compatible with ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, its video driver has better compatibility than other similar products. I often use Virtualbox on Linux. I can easily import the current virtual machines into Parallels.
  • Parallel is a good software. I can develop windows software on mac directly. It works as well as it says.
  • Parallels works very well. It provides good effect and integrates Windows, Linux, etc very well.
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac is very good. I’m used to Windows system, now I just bought a Macbook. I like my Macbook, but there are some Windows apps that I can’t give up. I know BootCamp, but Parallel seems easier and handier. When it runs on my Macbook Pro with i5 processor and 8 GB RAM, it works very well. With it, I can change between different operating systems without booting.
  • The installing and setting is very easy. It works very well. I can easily run window on iMac. This really helps me a lot.
  • It is a good tool for Mac that simulates Windows and Linux environments. But it is not so flexible as VirtualBOX. I have used version 6,7 and 9 of Parallels for my XP installation.

    I also know Bootcamp, but I don’t use it so often. Parallel is good for me. It runs stably on my iMac late 2009 with 6Gb ram and a new SSD Maveriks. The result is amazing.
  • With Mac, I never have to worry about memory running out, computer lockup or the Blue screen problem. Then with the help of Parallels, I can not only keep using mac, but also run PC-based software without any problem. This makes me very happy. When I run Parallels, it seems to be a Mac application. I’m really grateful for Parallels.
  • Parallels Desktop works perfectly. I can run windows stably on mac as if I’m running a real Windows machine. I hope I don’t need to buy a new license of Parallels when Mac is updated to a new OS version.
  • I’m an old user of Parallel. It helps me run Windows programs on Mac. It’s so great!
  • With Parallel, I can easily run Windows OS on Mac from the task bar and I don’t even need to reboot computer. The operation is easy. If you need to run Windows programs on a Mac, it’s a good choice for you.

Customer Q&A

  • 🔔 Parallels One-time fee License VS. Subscription License?
  • One-time Fee License - No FREE Upgrade, No expiration date.
    Subscription License - FREE Upgrade

    Most users - buy the lifetime edition that does not support free upgrades for a large version.
    Users with a need for updates - buy the subscription version, which supports free upgrades, but requires annual renewal.

    Both are similar, and both can get upgraded, like the macOS upgrade - for example, in the previous PD 17 version, they upgraded to support the old Intel chip version, the new mac m1, and the win11 optimized.
  • 🔔 How many computers can I run Parallels on?
  • One Parallels Access subscription (paid, free or trial) allows connecting to 5 remote computers.
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