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There are so many system optimization Apps, but most of them are used to clean system files and registries. They are similar, and the only difference between them is the UI design. But the Process Lasso Pro is a different system optimization tool, that optimizes the system process priorities to boost the system speed. You know the Apps performance in the system is the Apps process. When a process occupies too much CUP usage for a long time, it will cause the lagging of the system, or losing any response. Process Lasso Pro has a technology called ProBallance can automatically optimize the priority of system process when a process occupies much CPU to prevent from the entire system lose its response, and keep running at a good speed and stability of the system. Of course, you can also use Process Lasso Pro for the following purposes:

1. Customize the rate and priority of process occupancy, and add the additional processes to the exclusion list.
2. Customize setting the priority of the running process in the front ground, but this seems the official does not recommend.
3. Customize setting the blacklist to ban unwanted process completely.
4. Optimize the priority of I/O and power mode automation.
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  • Obvious improvement, the system boot time reduced from 1:30 to less than 1 minute.

  • Hmm… I don’t really know how to use the advanced features, but the computer response has been improved quite a lot, the computer will not be frozen as often as it used to.

  • grate product it is very helpful as some of my cpu cores have failed and I am able to still use my pc with help form this programme as you can tell it use particular cores unlike Windows task manager as that always forgets what u tell it

  • Previously the chrome browser would get frozen sometimes, such as a tab would stop responding, and then wait a while, a pop up will say “oh, crash”. Now if the tab does not respond, it will automatically refresh in a few seconds, that avoid the program to be crashed. It is effective although I don’t really know how to use it. My laptop is surface pro 4, version m3.

  • It’s great! I previous get frequency of lagging when I was play , but after run this program, no problem at all!

  • Watching the Youtube with headphones on under the laptop UMA mode, the Youtube video and sound will be lagging sometimes. But this program solved me this problem.

  • There will be no program frozen or system frozen when I installed this software on my Win10.

  • It's quite useful, especially in hot day the laptop will be Underclocking.

  • Software is good to use, outdated computers can also be used again.

  • What a great optimization application, renewed my old computer, absolutely it’s worth to buy.

  • Playing games on laptop, when your when your system has more and more software programs, the game’s FPS will gradually drop to the extent that it lags no matter how good the computer specs are. The hardware specs are not the really reason for the lagging, but the software scheduling makes the game process out of control. Thanks to ColorMango which still supports genuine versions, and the PL has been updated for so many years. I just want to say that this software is not only suitable for old computers, but also suitable for the newer computer, the newer the more you need it.

  • I’ve used the trial version for a long time, it’s good when finish its configuration. Its professional version allows to adjust the CPU occupancy rate. I currently use the z8350, the program runs smoothly.

  • It’s okay. Not any obvious effects, but at least my computer does not go slow down or any other lagging, frozen or crashes problems.

  • Very easy to use, fx8320+480 used to lag a lot when I played Jedi Survival. After I started using this there’s no lag in my games anymore.

  • The effect seems pretty good, an essential tool for computer.

  • It does great help to the system to be smooth, and the priority of Windows process will be more flexible.

  • Just so so. The effect is not obvious for computers with normal or higher level of computer hardware specifications.

  • I’ve tried this software for a while. It’s good so I bought it. There is no program frozen any more after this software installed. As I have to use the some software older version in work, they often got frozen or crashed, the PL saved me, it’s so good! the gospel of the old computer! !

  • Can’t be used on old XP desktop system

  • It’s okay with a lower level of computer hardware specifications. The effect is not particularly obvious after use, but also reduce the frequency of big program running slowly.

  • A good software, really. Just the background process manager is much better than the Windows built-in resource manager. Other aspects of performance will be tested later.

  • Complicated features… I will finish its setup after I reinstall the system.

  • If you ever compressed files while playing games, or ever did video coding while working, you will get how awesome it is. This program can prevent a single program from utilizing all of the CPU system’s resources to ensure that there will be response no matter how busy your computer is.

  • Why it doesn’t work? Is my computer is too old?

  • Feels good, monitor the system resource and control it at any time to get good performance. It’s worth using.

  • The system optimization feature is very good, my computer is no longer as lagging as before. I bought 2 licenses, one for my home use and the other one for my work. I previously planned to buy a new computer, but there’s no need any more. Less lagging, more happiness.

  • In the process of running on the interface, as for there is a large amount of information to be acquired and displayed in real time, you may see the CPU usage of Process Lasso graphical interface or core engine process reaches 15%~40%, that is normal. Hide or close this interface, and Process Lasso’s resource occupancy will be greatly declined. It will not slow down the computer speed, and the computer feels much more stable.

  • It’s quite good to use, no lagging when I was playing games before, and now no lagging when I’m playing games while running PS and VS2015.

  • I bought it mainly for flight simulation, the fps (frames per second) increased by a lot after I started using it, it’s great.

  • I have it a try, it’s great, it seems occupying no system resource.

  • Doesn’t seem to have any effect on my computer. Worked okay with my previous notebook

  • It’s quite good for using it on the CPU with lower performance, like old computers, netbook.

  • Speed is increased, fewer lags

  • Bought it for nothing, it doesn’t support XP SP2 version, can’t save my old computer… sigh…

  • This software is good for the computers with medium or lower specs, significantly reduced the system crashes.

  • It’s very good to use. It can control the I/O priority. Just turn it on if you don’t really get it. I/O is what is most important to the hard disk, enter whatever is most important first, this is adjustable, for example, file copying and game client, increase the priority of the game and file copying will not affect the game playing. Hardware flow control is also very good, some applications run automatically, for they are system level application, but they are not used, so we can limit the hardware’s processing of the program.

  • It would be good if it could fix the system blue screen problem. The engine must always be on. It requires some computer knowledge to understand the Debugging, but most people don’t have.

  • Feels like playing "Need for Speed" is much smoother after using this

  • It’s designed for the computers with lower specs. It can prevent from system frozen, crash down. Quite good to use.

  • This is indeed useful, you can easily allocate the CPU core and make better use of CPU performance

  • My computer runs much more smoothly now, amazing software

  • Great software, my previous annual version was expiring, so I bought the lifetime version.

  • I personally feel that the computer is slightly faster now. We’ll see after I use it for a few days

  • Excellent discount. Got a monthly key for 3 aud to try it out.

  • It's really a big improvement for the computer. My old CPU used to be very lagging with ActionScript. It's rarely frozen now, but because of the dynamic regulation, the compilation will take a long time when ActionScript running in the background. The CPU is just like that, it’s good enough for at least there are no lags anymore, and the price is very cheap.

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