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VMware Workstation Boxshot

VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation Boxshot
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VMware Workstation now supports the tablets (like Surface Pro), and you know the virtual machine can make use of the touchscreens, accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, light sensors, and more. Moreover, the new version not only supports the multiple displays but also supports 4K Ultra HD.

VMware Workstation Pro provides the ability to build a virtual network, that can emulate a variety of different network environments on a physical computer. Its superior flexibility has an absolute advantage for enterprise IT developers and system administrators, and the real-time snapshots, drag and drop files, shared clipboards, shared folders, PXE supported, and WSX cross-device access features also make it the most necessary tool for IT masters.
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  • Awesome software, I can use it to play old games on my Win 8 computer, it supports both full screen mode and window mode. Really powerful.

  • Compared to the VMWare Player, the features of VMware Workstation Pro 15 are much more powerful. It’s new version perfectly supports Windows 10, supports USB 3.0, Bluetooth, 4K HD, DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3. And also greatly improved the 3D game acceleration performance. In addition, you can share, encrypt or remotely control the virtual machine.

  • Very easy to use, you can install Winddows10 on a virtual machine or make experiment with various viruses, Trojan software.

  • Good computer specs (running memory 8G or more, processor I5 or more, multi-threaded processor, SSD), with this specs, it’s running well, a pretty good software.

  • The software is very easy to use, I installed it under Win10, created a virtual system of win7, currently, with no problem.

  • This is the best virtual machine I have ever used, it supports Windows 10.

  • Vmware is so much better than Vbox

  • This is one of the best in the virtual framework. For example, Windows’ Hyper V does not support Virtual Sound Card and virtual graphics, only this supports virtual graphics.

  • VMware Workstation can provide full-screen display, it works as if I’m really installing the operation system.

  • Pretty good! Running old games depends on it!

  • I’ve been using VM for many years, a great software that let me know various operating systems.

  • Great, I can finally use Windows 2000, I’m so happy

  • Pretty good software, one computer can run 2 systems at the same time. It’s an essential tool for playing games, you can login two accounts on one computer.

  • The most perfect virtual machine software I’ve used. Linux and Unix both run perfectly, Windows 10 game performance is acceptable. The key is high usability, much easier to use than Windows’ Hyper-V

  • It’s great and powerful. I’ve always using VMW products, I’m satisfied. Only Cons: It takes up more and more system resources, and I hope it will be improved in future.

  • VMware Workstation is a very good virtualization manager. I can build my own virtual OS and host on my computer with it.

  • Very good to use, I used it to learn a little hacking skills. I installed the virtual machine because I was afraid hacker software might have virus

  • A reminder that you must only uninstall after removing all virtual systems, otherwise not only will your uninstallation be incomplete, you won’t even be able to uninstall

  • I used VMware for a long time and it was good. I want to use it again now, but I’m prompted the fail during installation and I need to go back. As a result, all of my D disk data was deleted. I’m so depressed!

  • After one week of use, I would share my feelings:
    VMware Workstation 10 gets many improvements, the advantages of it:
    1.it helps you install OS automatically
    2.supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
    3.no conflict between client OS setting and the host
    and disadvantages are:
    1.occupies many CPU and memory resources
    2.it’s inconvenient to transfer files between internal and external system.

  • This virtual machine is really good. After installing the system, especially in full screen, it’s like I’ve bought another computer.

  • Fast speed. I installed two XP systems and there are no lags

  • This is the best software I’ve ever used. I’ve used it to install Win95, 98, Neptune, 2000, NT, Whistler, XP7 and 10.

  • If you can’t play games it’s because you don’t know how to use it! If the system is not compatible it’s because your system is too old. If there are lags during installation it’s because your physical memory is insufficient. Who can tell me a virtual machine under Windows that is better than VMware Workstation? If you can, then use yours. We use VMware workstation to test systems and software, and the Pros: not worried about the virus.

  • Very good, faster than other virtual machine software

  • This is suitable for running some dangerous software or programming

  • This virtual machine is very powerful, you’ll like it if you know how to use it

  • Compared to using the parallels, actually I use it on my Mac laptop, and Vmware on my windows system at work. My work PC has 4GB memory, I find it slowed down the speed of the system, then I upgrade to the 8GB, works well. I like Vmware is because it's cool to have two systems in one. Vmware is the best I think, and compared to other similar virtual machine tools, vmware is great and Parallels can't be beat for virtual machine software due to it's impressive reliability and performance.

  • Very easy to use, perfect installation on Mac, Windows 10, etc., but it takes up too much memory, and now it’s already taken up 12.8GB memory, fortunately my computer specs is not bad.

  • VMware Workstation is a professional program, it can satisfy different needs. It works great. It can be used to test operation systems. It’s good for professionals and enthusiasts, but not suitable for starters. If you are a novice for virtualization, you can use Virtualbox. All in all, VMware Workstation is very good.

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