Nitro PDF Pro Reviews

  • unnamed
  • BenBruin
    I've purchased this latest v13, and I find there is not much difference in UI between the old version and v13. The new functions I have not tried yet. But I find my often used Converter and OCR functions are improved, that's great, it makes my work much more convenient. I think it worth to upgrade.
  • Jared Ladia
    I've spent much time on installing many FREE PDF Apps because I don't want to pay a single dollar. But these programs are hard to use, and most of them will require extra cost when you want to access some features. So I finally choose Nitro Editor. It's too powerful, I've tested all the features, no problems at all. My summary: DON'T use the so-called FREE PDF editors or FREE PDF online services.
  • Kristen Bishop
    Awesome! Finally, I was able to edit the paper directly.
  • Bill
    The discount coupon is valid! It's absolutely right to use nitro on windows, and PDF Expert on Mac.
  • LT
    I've been using Nitro from version 9. It's very good to use. The most convenient of Nitro new version is the Nitro Cloud. I can deal with almost all the PDF teamwork, like cooperate editing, team share, and sign PDF documents anytime, anywhere. I recommend purchasing it for your team at one time.
  • lissa17
    PDF document took up a lot of disk space when I did my graduation thesis, and it was good to have Nitro at that time. It had the feature of optimizing PDF, which could help me to slim the document.
  • McCroskey
    I have been using Nitro pro to convert PDF to Word. The conversion effect of the result is so amazing because the image position and text formats can be fully preserved, only the fonts will be got some changes sometimes.
  • PoeticPOV
    There are several websites provides big discounts, but actually all the discounts doesn’t work or the real discounts are not consistent with they said. So i more like the honest seller
  • Artees
    I bought two, Nitro really is best to use the pdf editor.
  • Min
    Really very very easy to use! highly recommended! It's a perfect match for PDF edit!
  • Jose
    From the early generation to the current version old users, definitely upgraded it.
  • MinahBe
    I’ve used it before. Pretty good!
  • Joshua
    I've tried lots of PDF creators, no one can edit documents after creation, but Nitro PDF Pro can. I have not tested all features, but those features I've tried impressed me already. If some features can be more intuitive, that'll be great.
  • Marilyn
    I got it quick. I’ve repurchased it many times. Everyone in the office has been recommended this software by me.
  • Han
    I'm glad to find out NItro PDF Pro's conversion result is so great, It can recover the original content layouts, such as size, color, and typography. And rarely line breaks and other issues. My paper and scholarly articles are converted by this tool. Really great experience
  • J&J
    Transferring PDFs to Word documents of the Nitro pro new version works very well.
  • Colormango Customer
    Nitro Productivity Suite is actually a new version of NITRO PRO 12 and Nitro Cloud.
  • J.r.
    The new Nitro Cloud enhances collaboration by providing each Nitro Pro user with an electronic signature tool and allows to quickly share documents through the cloud. The new OneDrive for Business connector allows users to save PDFs directly to OneDrive.
  • XG
    The new version of nitro pro 12 is more powerful, such as enhanced conversion feature, that is more accurate when converting PDF documents to Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Schafer
    Nice Promo code! It works, saves me over $20, awesome price! Thanks for offering this best price!
  • Jane
    coupon code worked today, thanks!
  • Saraih
    I like this program. It is very easy to create PDF files.
  • sucyin
    I've used this instead of adobe acrobat nearly one month, its advanced feature not used (design table), so I don't know if there's any difference between these 2 programs. Its lightweight.
  • zuoluo7842
    Adobe acrobat pro nearly 1.5G, but this is only about 200M, and the features are similar. Good!
  • Matthew_T
    I've been using it for years. Work great with all my business documents. Nothing to complain about its features and functions. If the interface design could be improved in the next version, it would be better. Anyway, a fantastic utility.
  • rickqiu180
    Nice! That is just my looking for. Thank you
  • Nick
    There's a link need to be edited in the PDF file content. I've tried lots of ways, and find the only way is using PDF Editor program. Nitro is good choice.
  • ghfids89
    PDF xchange viewer can be only used to view the PDF documents, but Nitro support PDF file editing and converting, so powerful
  • Fejtpo
    Its Ui style is similar as Microsoft, It's not too over to call it "Microsoft PDF".
  • Anne
    Compared to Acrobat, which one is more easy to use?
  • Enker
    I've just purchased Nitro PDF Pro 9, the discount code really saved me 15% off. Then I received the registration code email in minutes. Nice
  • pianaiw
    For me, the expensive Adobe Acrobat can be repalced by Nitro. BTW, The UI of the new vesion of Nitro 10 looks great!
  • Vincent
    Acrobat Pro is too weight, and the speed is not faster than Nitro. Nitro allows to preview the PDF file thumbnail in folder.
  • Tatiana
    So lucky to find this tool. Great features, great discount.
  • Ken Z.
    Looking for many PDF to WORD softwares, I found all they all charge or limited it to 5 pages. The software trial period allowed me to convert more than 50 pages. It turned out great.
  • R. Carlson
    It’s great, efficient, easy to use, good price
  • michaelgloch
    Compared with Adobe Acrobat, Nitro PDF is not that professional, but the price is cheaper as well. Actually I didn't expect much for Nitro PDF, I just used it to do some small projects, but it really did its work well. It is use friendly and simple.
  • Aarushi
    I bought it because of my friend's recommendation. Wonderful program does a great job for me. Worth my paying.
  • Husnain Buttar
    I love this full functional PDF software, the user interface is so nice and friendly, and the reason why I always use this tool to view PDF file, for it makes me comfortable when read text words, and it gives me very good visual experience.
  • Abbie
    best pdf to word, pdf to excel...
  • Lynwood Johnson
    Have used Nitro Pro 10 and prior versions for yrs, after getting fed-up w/ the Big Red Triangle. LOVE it! Simple, intuitive, "it just Works!"
  • Michael Tatay
    Although the outgoing part was unrecognizable, indeed, not only can you convert over 5 pages, you can also edit the WORD software.
  • KingT
    Nice program, very practical, and good UI design.
  • Michael
    The software is very useful. It has better PDF editing capability than adobe. The UI is similar to office 2007, which makes it easy to understand and handle.
  • wuli
    One of the best PDF Editor
  • Jennifer
    Nitro Pro outstands the basic PDF programs, and is sufficient for common PDF tasks. It has built-in OCR and the digital signatures ability is pretty good.
  • Kevin
    Lightweight and powerful software with nice GUI. I like to view PDF with this software. It works perfectly for me.
  • wink
    Just purchased it. works well, good~!
  • Sherry
    Nitro Pro is a great alternative to Adobe. It has all the features at less than half the price.