DataNumen Zip Repair Reviews

  • Eduardo
    Good ZIP repait applcation that fixing the problwm easily.
  • Brooke
    wonderful recovery tool.
  • keithy
    This is a perfect tool for me. It solved my problem like a cork.
  • Sophia
    Great repair product.
    I am enjoying working with this smart tool.
  • Caitlin
    This repiar tool is cool!
  • Adam
    It works smoothly~~~
  • Sinister
    Awesome deal
  • Walls
    It's a good experience with this excellent tool.
  • Sean
    I like it because it is very helpful.
  • deniun
    The product is easy to use and works rather well.
  • Medina
    Some of my pictures and videos are zipped into a file. And one day I moved it from the desktop to my laptop. Unluckily I could not access it on the laptop. Thanks to this great program, I repaired it and could open it again. Appreciate it!!
  • jimmy
    Recover my damaged compressed file successfully.Thanks.
  • Alejandro Lopez
    With the help of the tool, I have got back a large number of data (around 4GB) from a broken zip file. The broken zip file contained my old photos and they are my cherish memory. I’m so grateful to the developers of this software.
  • Gavin
    Smart archive repair tool.
  • Natya
    Cannot wait to tell you guys that this tool is amazing.It's can restore all the data in the corrupt file.
  • Paul
    This fix tool is perfect for repairing the ZIP files.
  • Katelyn
    Thanks for rstoring data from my corrupt ZIP files.
  • Abraham
    Settle down the problem easily.
  • Susand
    Just have a try but it surprised me. Good!
  • usteeler81
    I compressed all my photos into a zip file (4GB+) and a few days ago it was just damaged. I was disappointed. Luckily, I found this Zip repair app and it helped me repair the zip file. Now all my photos are recovered. Thanks!!
  • Trinity
    Wonderful repair tool.
  • Logan
    It's effective for my archived files that i want to fix.
  • Kalolin
    This program amazes me.It work so well.
  • ken
    Nice zip file recovery product.
  • Austin
    I download some zip files which were vital to me. But when i wanted to unzip it, it corrupt somehow.This product rescued me.