Retrospect Solo Reviews

  • soppoi123
    Have being a Mac user for 5 years, I used Retrospect Express Backup and I was very pleased with it. Recently, I changed my Mac computer with a Windows 7 laptop, I downloaded the trial version of Retrospect 9 for Windows and I felt good with it, then I bought the full version, everything is good, I created a disk for disaster recovery with no problems.
  • Requie
    I’m a consultant. In my daily work, I need to install Retrospect for my clients, and keep it running well on their computers, both PC and Mac. I witness the improvement of this software and I think it is now the best backup software available.
    No matter how good it is, I believe there will still be some negative comments on it. But if you can carefully read about those negative comments, you will find most of them are complaining about the price and they are not patient enough to learn this software. I have to admit that there are other programs with similar functions and they seem to be easier to operate, but they are not as effective as Retrospect and don’t have so many configuration options as Retrospect does.
  • h0m3st4r
    Retrospect is handy and powerful backup software. I spent some time reading the user manual of this software, it’s really worth doing, because it helps me use the software well. After I use it, I find a lot of options to choose. For me, the most adorable feature is to reach back in time, so that I can find out those wrong overwritten or mistakenly deleted data timely.
    I can set schedules, backups and selectors as I want, save them, and don’t need to edit them immediately, I have enough time to do any adjustment I want to make it completely fit my need.
    In my case, I not only do daily backups to an external hard drive, but also backup the most valuable data on DVD to keep all the information safe. Retrospect for Windows is really worth buying.
  • Rodriguez
    It allows me to back up all data on another computer linked with internet, but it is hard to stop virus attack when I’m installing it to my computer.
  • Animenome
    According to my personal experience, though a computer has a hard drive that can save 80GB of data, you’d better not use that much. As my computer is about to crash, I have to search for some software to save my data, so I bought Retrospect for the last try. Though I spent a whole day in backing up my hard drive to 15 DVDRs, I felt very lucky when I had to restore a large number of data after a few days. Fortunately, my computer didn’t crash, but I lost many data. Thanks to Retrospect, I can clearly decide which files to restore and I can select the place to restore them. I restored my files into a 10 GB USB flash drive, and then I could transfer the files to my computer again.
    If a computer crashes down, it’s really hard work to fully restore files in it. However, it is quite easy to restore part of the files. Though I’m not computer savvy, I don’t need to read through the user manual and I can still accomplish the whole process without trouble. How amazing!
    To summarize, Retrospect for Windows is very very easy to operate and is really useful.
  • Barone
    As shown in the instruction manual, Retrospect is quite functional and useful. Powerful yet easy to operate. Even if you are a greenhand in doing backups, you can back up your data well with the help of clear wizard.
    Its most amazing function is when encountering system failure, I don’t need to worry about it, the disaster recovery option can help me solve this problem. Though I’m a professional IT worker, I still need to read the manual to learn those advanced functions, for example, incremental backup and how to schedule an automatic client backup. It also allows you to backup data manually.
    It is really a good product, once own it, you don’t need to worry about your data safety. I want to recommend it to my friends.
  • liam smalley
    I install Retrospect on my 3 computers to do backup. I use it in three places: workstation in the house, a home use laptop and a business use laptop. But it is not for full hard drive or system recovery, I only use it do incremental backups for important files and user directories.
    During the past few weeks, I used its email function to send me reports upon each backup via email, I find it really useful. Each scheduled backup works well, but a windows scheduler is needed to activate the workstation.
    It’s not so hard to operate for me, but it may not be an easy thing for a novice, because you have to spend some time learning about the interface. It’s kinda professional. I have tried to restore files in many different situations, it always works well.
    I tried Acronis before this software, but it failed. I want to buy Acronis package because its image backup function is good. But it does not work well for daily backup.
    According to my experience, Retrospect is ideal for regular backup, but not suitable for complete system backup.