Dynamic Photo HDR Reviews

  • Jade Gala
    I installed two photo editing software on my computer - Dynamic Photo HDR and Photomatix. After using them for a period of time, I found my favorite - DPHDR. Why I choose DPHDR? Cause this program can make the pictures look more natural and nicer. Photos produced by Photomatix look not so real. It adjusts too much with brightness and color tones. Certainly, there are some people exactly in favor of such kind of picture. Everyone has his own taste. After trying DHHDR, I buy it right away. It’s worth the paying.
  • Laura
    Last year, I used this program for a few times and now I come back to it again. This program can enhance all kinds of pictures, and most of them look more beautiful, especially when there are clouds in the picture.
  • Jon Anderl
    Life could be colorful by using the program. It should be carefully used, and it is not easy to reach the best effect you expect. But it is so far the best photo editing software I think. This program colors my life. Many friends are asking me about my wonderful way of photo editing, and Dynamic Photo HDR is the answer.
  • Ryan Deschamps
    I’m a professional photographer. Taking pictures of ancient architectures is my daily work. And DPHDR benefits my job. But it also needs some improvement I think.
    1. Display full path to files in the first screen is necessary. Now it only shows the single letter of the located disk. If this can be improved, it will be very convenient for me to find files I need from my several archive drives.
    2. If it can add perspective correction in Photo Bee, it would work well in the grid.
    Anyway, I like it.
  • Mermaid
    I can use this program easily, and create all kinds of effects with its rich variables. It’s an excellent program with low price.