AOMEI Partition Assistant Reviews

  • Staffe13
    I downloaded this software yesterday. It’s very powerful and easy to use. It helps me solve the problem without losing my data.
  • Caltommy
    System migration performs great, but can't move the hidden partitions, so a little disappointed.
  • dodger
    It is often used in computer installation and maintenance, so good.
  • Gab
    It is still necessary to expand the C drive without data loss.
  • Sarah
    It allows to migrate the system to a solid state drive or a new hard drive, etc., it’s powerful, thanks
  • Trey
    I have used this tool for several times, it made me feel satisfied every time! I think it’s the best partition tool available on the market. What a pity, the free version does not provide the function of dynamic disk managing nor dynamic disk to basic disk conversion, they are only available in full version.
  • Steed
    Highly recommend their AOMEI Partition Assistant. At the beginning of the release of Win10, many software did not support it. Just relied on it to solve big problems.
  • JWJ
    Will see if it can resolve partition problems
  • Brook
    Comprehensive features, very powerful
  • bobber
    This product must be the best partition manager I have ever seen. It’s small in size, handy and runs quickly. It provides everything you need to manage your HDDs and SSDs with reasonable price and responsive support.
  • Steven M
    Simple, clean and beautiful interface, easy to use. My 14.4GB operating system only takes 6 minutes to back up in normal mode (non-DOS or PE mode).
  • Amy
    The software developed by this company are good and easy to use.