Alcohol 120% Reviews

  • DRP
    Good software, can use it to burn Wii games
  • Jamel Hollaman
    Alcohol 120 is the veteran of the virtual CD-ROM. and its advantage is not in its disk image emulation, but rather in its image copying and mounting capability. The MDF we commonly see when we play games is the format that this software takes. The early physical information encryption CD game also relied on it to make mirror images, with DT use ~ no doubt this software is the best at encrypting and copying images ~
  • Yuzhe
    Easy to use, fast burning speed, friendly interface, much better than NERO!
  • Fai C
    I’ve used it for a long time, an essential program. Pretty good, both for desktop and laptop. Very easy to use, almost forgot about the real optical drive.
  • Peter G.
    Great, it can simulate 31 optical drives, 200 times speed, and various image format files can be loaded and unloaded at will, including making image files and burning discs.
  • Greg
    Oh, ALCOHOL, I’m listening to it! Very good disk image emulator, takes all kinds of image formats.