Download Accelerator Plus Reviews

  • lilballathasmall345
    It has a great number of features. It is very simple to download and convert videos. Really wonderful. The company is genius. It seems they are the first one who put forward this acceleration technology. It is their patent. I am very satisfied with DAP. It’s quite simple to use and download stuff very quickly.
  • D'Avino
    I ordered it last week with a discount. It saved me much money. Great deal!
  • Jacob
    I used it to download a few files, and it works great. The download speed of it is higher than flashget. The discount is great as well.
  • Lighvani
    Valid discount. Thanks for the offer.
  • armatageshanks06
    The accelerator is great and comes with tons of features. It even provides options for video download. The customer support is also helpful. It just did not work so well with IE10 but the tech support helped me solve it perfectly.
  • allen
    I’m a longtime user of DAP. So many good features. It works quickly and very simple to use with wonderful customer service. For one time I encountered a problem, and it turns out not the problem of DAP, but they still helped me resolve it. So nice!
  • Jack Napier
    You can download files very quickly and it is very easy to use. Not perfect, but much better than other downloaders. It enables me to delete or get back everything.
  • Sakuraba
    Well, the download is very quick. I can convert downloaded videos and it is handy. I love it. Worth buying.
  • Rocky Stradlin
    I have something to say about the downloader…this is explain for those who are complaining about that their browser’s homepage are hijacked by this downloader. But frankly speaking, it is agreed by you to set its page as your browser’s homepage while installing this downloader. You may not notice the information saying that ‘’set speedbit as your browser’s homepage’’ and just kept it checked while installing. So don’t complain it is malware, it is a very nice downloader.
  • jim lennon
    It’s fairly quick, but sometimes if I paused the download, I could not resume it next time.
  • Damian
    DAP is definitely the best downloader I know. It's fast and simple to operate. For premium Rapidshare downloads, it even uses mirroring. Extremely reliable.
  • Gunter Schroeder
    This program is compatible with my browsers and it works just so well and fast. But when I downloaded this app, it also came with a few other apps that I did not want to get. So remember to read the information carefully before downloading.
  • Mat01
    Lightweight and pretty app. It can download not only streaming files, but also files in other formats. Very powerful downloader.